A Great Example of a Team Based Approach to Process Improvement

Posted by Elaine McDevitt on Aug 9, 2016 8:30:00 AM

We had been using shipping clips to center rotors inside of valve housings for years.  Because of a pair of fresh eyes on the job, we realized that the clips were too complicated and taking too long to fabricate.  For one set of four clips per valve to be made, they had to be burnt, formed, measured, saw cut, drilled, fit, welded together and cooled.  

The clips were necessary but the assembly team agreed they should be simpler, easier to repeat and take a lot less effort to make because we made about 20 sets per year.

Once the “waste” was identified and an idea for a fix was agreed to, the solution actually required a little input from several different co-workers.      

Because it really only takes three clips to keep the rotor concentric with the valve housing, the set went from four to three.  And when the team devised a way to modify a smaller die for bending on the brake press, the process was simplified; only the shear, punch and brake press are now needed to complete the clips with no other value add necessary. 

In the end, the investment in co-worker cooperation is estimated to save the company a significant amount per year … every year, in saved prefab and fabrication time, saved material, saved installation time and saved running around.  Another win-win for what Continuous Improvement can do for our Company and our customers!   We are thankful for the “Rose Buds” who make positive differences like this every day.





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