Arc Furnace Contract Manufacturing for the international market

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Jan 21, 2016 8:44:08 AM


This arc furnace, fabricated by the Rose Corporation, was ordered by a customer building a new foundry in Santiago, Chile. It is a duplication of an arc furnace originally designed and manufactured in 1980 for that same customer. The original furnace performed so well the customer wanted an exact duplicate. It was shipped via ocean containers for a ten week installation in Chile; however the new furnace benefited from upgraded, state-of-the art furnace controls, incorporating The Rose Corporation’s Mark X Regulator Control System.

This 10 ton capacity furnace is used in the production of high grade alloys for manufacturing specialized mining equipment.  It has a one-hour tap-to-tap cycle.

 The roof swings away using hydraulic cylinders, and the furnace tilts 45 degrees when tapping the molten metal into the ladle. The furnace is powered by a 6 MVA transformer. The 10 inch electrodes will draw three 120V/12,000 arcs to the steel.

Using its own engineers and service technicians, The Rose Corporation provided on-site installation and commissioning services. The Andes Mountains are seen in the background.



The arc furnace was installed before the building walls were enclosed.



The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace division manufactures for customers world-wide all types and configurations of industrial furnaces such as batch type reheat and forging, tip-up, roller hearth, bell, car-bottom, vacuum, electric arc, and many more for both atmosphere and non-atmosphere, batch and continuous applications. The Rose Corporation has manufactured industrial furnaces under both our RoseTM and DreverTM furnace brands, as well as manufacturing customized furnaces to our customer-supplied design.  We also manufacture dissociative, atmosphere generating equipment. 

In additional to the manufacture of new furnace equipment, The Rose Corporation reconditions and modernizes customer’s existing equipment to maximize production capacity and reduce operating costs. We offer a full line of furnace spare parts such as rolls, bearings, hi-temperature gaskets, mop curtains, glo-plugs, control systems, muffles, retorts, hearth tiles, refractory, electrode holder assemblies and sub-parts, water-cooled electric cables, roof cooling cables, alloy belts, burner radiation tubes, and much, much more.

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