A Great example of a custom fabrication project for industrial furnaces

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Feb 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace team was recently approached by a manufacturer of galvanized and galvannealed steel coil products operating non-Drever industrial furnaces in their production processes.  It turns out this manufacturer hired a new maintenance engineer who, from his experience with Drever furnaces at his previous employer, was familiar with The Rose Corporation’s Drever Slide Window Assembly.



This slide window provides direct line-of-site visual observation into the furnace during furnace operations for both maintenance technicians and camera inspection functions.  Unlike single-port configurations which only allow for operator inspection or camera observation, as single functions, Drever’s slide window arrangement allows furnace technicians to slide between ports without shutting down the furnace; therefore eliminating the need to idle down a production line for inspection and quality control activities.  Drever’s slide window maintains a continuous seal as the ports are moved between functions; therefore preserving furnace atmosphere, and at the same time containing hot gases from escaping and creating an unsafe condition for maintenance technicians.


The maintenance engineer at the galvanized/galvannealed manufacturer wanted to add a Drever slide window assembly to his company’s industrial furnace, but this engineer wanted to take the design one step further adding a third port that would permit accesses into the furnace during maintenance outages, specifically when passing the threading strip through the furnace.  The third port provides an access point where maintenance personnel can reach into the idle furnace and assist with the passing of the threading strip.


Rose engineers worked with the customer to understand exactly what they needed, and with that customer data set about redesigning our Drever 8” series slide window assembly to incorporate a third, open port.  Safety features were incorporated into the design to prevent accidental movement of the slide window to the open port position where furnace atmosphere and operator safety would be compromised.  Materials were selected specific to the customer’s requirements.  Additionally, the overall design of the slide window assembly was made more compact to allow the unit to fit within a tight area on the furnace, as well as not protruding into an elevated safety walkway adjacent to the installation site of the window assembly.


The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace division manufactures for customers world-wide all types and configurations of industrial furnaces such as batch type reheat and forging, tip-up, roller hearth, bell, car-bottom, vacuum, electric arc, and many more for both atmosphere and non-atmosphere, batch and continuous applications.  The Rose Corporation has manufactured industrial furnaces under both our RoseTM  and DreverTM  furnace brands, as well as manufacturing customized furnaces to our customer-supplied design.  We also manufacture dissociative, atmosphere generating equipment. 


In additional to the manufacture of new furnace equipment, The Rose Corporation reconditions and modernizes customer’s existing equipment to maximize production capacity and reduce operating costs.  We offer a full line of furnace spare parts such as rolls, bearings, hi-temperature gaskets, mop curtains, glo-plugs, control systems, muffles, retorts, hearth tiles, refractory, electrode holder assemblies and sub-parts, water-cooled electric cables, roof cooling cables, alloy belts, burner radiation tubes, and much, much more.

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