Fabricating sign stanchions for the new Atlanta braves stadium

Posted by Tom McDevitt on May 24, 2016 7:00:00 AM


A recent project we fabricated for a customer of Mark Metals for the Atlanta Braves new stadium really showcased our welding, material handling, and blast/paint capabilities. 


The fabrication job was a pretty straightforward job of welding 8 inch square tubing with some cross beams and end caps.

For this particular job, there are (5) sections. Each section is constructed primarily of 5/16 x 8 x 8 square tubing and dimensionally are as follows:

Upper “Burst” Section – 8 x 119-1/2 x 294” @ ~1575lbs

Lower “Burst” Section – 8 x 80-1/2 x 330” @ ~2800lbs

“Sun” Section – 8 x 117 x 485-7/8” @ ~3125lbs

“Trust” Section – 8 x 117 x 485-19/32” @ ~3390lbs

“Park” Section – 8 x 117 x 477-5/8” @ ~3075lbs

We previously completed some beam support sections for this frame, which were also painted at Rose. That was one piece of W18 x 50, with baseplate 224” long @ ~930lbs, and (3) pieces 140” long @ 585lbs each.


The stanchions are transferred from our production facility via crane to a trailer with special trusses that have pointed supports to suspend the pieces so that there can be almost 100% blast and paint coverage.


After the stanchions are bead blasted, the first coat is primer. Our paint booth capacity is 25 feet wide, 20 feet tall, by 65 feet long.


Here is a look at one of the structures inside the paint booth. The lighting is state of the art to make sure we ensure even coverage.


Here are a few of the stanchions with the final paint color ready to ship. They are stacked with wood in between them to make sure the paint does not get scratched.


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