Field report from visiting our industrial furnace customers

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Apr 4, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Many times when visiting our Drever customers in recent months I am faced with the cold fact that our customers do not understand the broad-range product and service offerings of The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace Division.  Of course that’s our fault; yet it is a valuable output from The Rose Corporation’s efforts to personally visit our Drever customers in order to develop and maintain strong customer/supplier relationships.

Regardless of brand, The Rose Corporation supplies a broad-spectrum of industrial furnace parts; muffles, catalyst chambers, furnace rolls, heat exchangers, thermocouples, glo-plugs, mop curtains, belts, bearings, heating elements, and burner tubes to name just a few.

As a contract manufacturer of complex industrial equipment, The Rose Corporation routinely supplies industrial furnace parts and services for non-Drever product lines.  Our project management and production teams have the experience required to partner with our customers to supply their industrial furnace needs.  The Rose Corporation welcomes the opportunity to supply your demand for high-quality industrial furnace parts and services. 

Common items supplied by The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace Division:

  • Atmosphere Generation Equipment
  • Drever TM Convecool
  • Drever TM End-Seal Assemblies
  • Rose Controls TM Arc Furnace Firing Control Systems
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Furnace Belts
  • Alloy Muffles
  • Bearings
  • Drive System
  • Mop-Curtains
  • Thermocouples
  • Heating Elements
  • Process Fans
  • Glo-plugs
  • Globars, Straps, and Clamps
  • Catalyst Retorts
  • Hi-Temperature Furnace Fabrications
  • Seal-Carrier Assemblies
  • RBO Systems
  • Sytron Seals
  • Temperature Controls
  • Flame Safety Controls
  • Burners
  • Control Actuators
  • Pressure Switches
  • Valves and Regulators
  • Motors
  • Silicone Tiles
  • Furnace Refractories/Standard and Custom Shapes
  • Field Technical Support and Services
  • Much More

The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace division manufactures for customers world-wide all types and configurations of industrial furnaces such as batch type reheat and forging, tip-up, roller hearth, bell, car-bottom, vacuum, electric arc, and many more for both atmosphere and non-atmosphere, batch and continuous applications.  The Rose Corporation has manufactured industrial furnaces under both our RoseTM  and DreverTM  furnace brands, as well as manufacturing customized furnaces to our customer-supplied design.  We also manufacture dissociative, atmosphere generating equipment. 

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