Heavy Equipment industrial fabrication for oversized hauling

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Feb 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM


What do you do when you need to transport equipment that is too heavy for the bridges on your planned route? It’s simple, you call the Rose Corporation to build you a better bridge. This is a portable bridge that can be moved from one location to the next, preserving the bridges along the way. The length of the bridge is longer than the bridges it is designed to cross, so the load bearing surface is on solid ground, not the bridge. The bridge was manufactured to our customer's extremely tight engineered tolerances and had to meet specific arch measurements and deflection standards.


The bridge has 2 sets of heavy duty hinges so it can be folded up and transported.


The transformers were transported on a trailer with a load leveling wheelbase system. The transformers and moving equipment that went over the bridge exceeded 400,000 pounds.

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