Improving inventory management with catalyst hoppers

Posted by Elaine McDevitt on Jun 1, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Problem:  One of the inventory items in the industrial furnace warehouse is a catalyst material that used in the fabrication of the catalyst chambers.  The catalyst has the texture of rice or blast grit.  It comes in boxes and is very difficult to get an accurate measure on because of rounding.  At inventory time, this would cause a lot of variances.  At the last inventory, we improved the weighing portion by pouring out the boxes of catalyst into clean steel barrels and weighing it with a more reliable scale. This worked better.


Activity:  As industrial furnace inventory manager, Tom McDevitt thought the best solution would be to fabricate a simple hopper in which to store the material between jobs.  Then, when the material is weighed, there would not be a rounding issue and getting the material out for use would be much easier.  He asked Scott Faust to keep the idea on a list for when we got a little slow and could work on it.  That time came and Bob Cutlip and Mitch Gould collaborated on a design that would not only hold the material, but included a valve at the bottom making it easy to transfer the catalyst from the hopper into the container fabricated to hold the material.  A “Cadillac” hopper, Tom says the final design is so much better than he originally envisioned. 

Solution:  So now, in addition to the catalyst being stored in a two single hoppers to ensure consistent inventory correctness, the hoppers to be stored at the point of use.  The custom fabricated hopper system will allow the catalyst material to be closer to where it is used, easier to handle in the shop and easier to measure accurately at inventory time.  It’s a triple win! Give us a call if you need something fabricated to solve a problem in your facility.

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