Industrial furnace division adds engineering expertise

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Mar 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

November 2015 was a great month for the Rose industrial furnace division, with sales over 200% of budget and bookings at 104% of budget.  That’s a nice month by any standard, and we’re working hard to find new ways to make those numbers more routine.

One plan to increase industrial furnace sales involves contracting outside engineering services from sources familiar with our industrial furnace product offerings.  Providing timely and knowledgeable technical support to customers is becoming an increasingly important, and requested, service as more and more customers lose their own in-house experts when maintenance and engineering staff retire or move on to other employment. 

Moji Safabakhsh is a former Drever engineer who spent endless hours working on Drever industrial furnace projects being fabricated and assembled here at The Rose.  Following the closure of the Drever Company in 2001, Moji set out on a career path that now has him owning his own mechanical engineering company, Therma Works, Inc. Moji’s extensive knowledge of Drever products and his mechanical engineering capabilities make him a perfect fit with The Rose as we develop new sales and service opportunities with our customers. 

Convecools and ammonia dissociators are two industrial furnace products where opportunities exist for increased business, and in recent months we’ve seen a significant growth in demand for technical and engineering services for Convecools.  When a very good industrial furnace customer contacted us to re-quote our earlier offer to manufacture a third Convecool for another one of their existing 11 furnace lines, it was the perfect opportunity to approach Moji and discuss his interests in partnering with The Rose to work on a Convecool project.  Moji was enthusiastic and open to the idea which quickly facilitated an agreement promoting a mutually beneficial relationship between Moji and The Rose.

With Moji on board, the Industrial Furnace team and Rose project management team successfully submitted a new proposal to our customer.  Moji’s involvement all but guarantees our offer is accurate and realistic, and removes the guess work used in developing earlier proposals for manufacturing Drever Convecools.  This is great news and we really look forward to having Moji on our team.

Our customer’s response to our proposal suggests we may be on to something whereas the customer originally asked for our offer to supply one convecool, but now is looking at the possibility of ordering three units next year.  That’s great news considering an order for three convecools would book 5100 hours for the shops.

Beyond convecools and ammonia dissociators, the industrial furnace team is busy quoting and selling projects that bring work into our shops.  We recently shipped two catalyst chambers and currently have another two catalyst chambers in production, with two more orders pending.  We’re optimistic we’ll see these orders before year’s end.  In addition to the catalyst chambers, several small jobs are winding their way through The Rose value stream.  These jobs not only used fabrication capacity, but also used machining and assembly capacity as well. 

The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace division manufactures for customers world-wide all types and configurations of industrial furnaces such as batch type reheat and forging, tip-up, roller hearth, bell, car-bottom, vacuum, electric arc, and many more for both atmosphere and non-atmosphere, batch and continuous applications.  The Rose Corporation has manufactured industrial furnaces under both our RoseTM  and DreverTM  furnace brands, as well as manufacturing customized furnaces to our customer-supplied design.  We also manufacture dissociative, atmosphere generating equipment. 

In additional to the manufacture of new furnace equipment, The Rose Corporation reconditions and modernizes customer’s existing equipment to maximize production capacity and reduce operating costs.  We offer a full line of furnace spare parts such as rolls, bearings, hi-temperature gaskets, mop curtains, glo-plugs, control systems, muffles, retorts, hearth tiles, refractory, electrode holder assemblies and sub-parts, water-cooled electric cables, roof cooling cables, alloy belts, burner radiation tubes, and much, much more.

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