Posted by John Maillie on Oct 5, 2017 3:06:05 PM

Recently a resident from the Hershey, Pennsylvania area called Mark Metals to inquire about Mark Metals custom fabrication capabilities because she wanted to have a custom fire pit and tailgating grill made for her husband.

After initial conversations about what she envisioned for the grill and fire pit, the Mark Metals design team went to work and put together some sketches of designs for both the fire pit and tailgating grill. After the initial sketches were shared and modifications were made, our team created CAD drawings to start the custom metal fabrication process.

The gentleman is an avid football fan and our customer wanted to include his favorite teams in the design of the tailgating grill. She supplied her own drawings of and we incorporated them into the CAD files.   One of our customers’ requirements was that the tailgating grill be easy to transport from game to game.  The Mark Metals team came up with a design that would allow the grill to complexly dis-assemble and lie flat.  

Once Mark Metals finalized the design and had the drawings ready, our team selected 3/16” A36 Carbon Steel Plate to fabricate the grill. Our burning machine did the hard work of cutting out the shapes of the grill and designs on the metal plates. Each piece fits together in a cube shape with air holes along the bottom, handles for easy moving and a grilling surface on the top.  The grill as a whole is quite heavy, but each piece can be picked up and loaded into your car trunk or truck bed.


Our customer also wanted a fire pit that she and her husband could use at home, but also take with them on camping trips and easily store during the winter months.

Mark Metals developed a “manger” or trough style fire pit that consists of 5 pieces made from the same 3/16” A36 Carbon Steel Plate. Each piece fits together easily utilizing built-in connections so that no small parts are required for assembly.  Again, as a whole the fire pit is heavy and can’t be picked up as a single piece, but each piece can be picked up individually.

Our customer wanted a wood burning fire pit, but this manger or tough style design can also be retrofitted to incorporate the lines to make it a gas burning pit.

Again our burning machine did all the hard work after the Mark Metals design team loaded the CAD drawings, we finished the grill and the fire pit with a little polishing and they were set to go.

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