Mark Metals fabricates custom craft beer growler filling station

Posted by John Maillie on Aug 16, 2016 7:00:00 AM

We have a new customer in the draught beer line and tap system cleaning business. Many of their clients often have other needs for specialty bar equipment. Recently, we were tasked with fabricating a polished Stainless steel growler tap base for a fifteen (15) Craft Beer Tap System. The piece had to have removable end cover plates to access the fittings, hoses, and wiring.



 The required base was unable to be purchased as an OEM piece of equipment in the time frame required by our customer. In addition, it was not available for purchase in the dimensions required to meet our customer’s needs.

We discussed the required base size, location of the growler tap on the base, and the quantity and location of all fittings needed for system operation with our customer. We then developed working shop drawings for the piece.

We used T304 SS 11GA sheet material with a #4 polish. All of the pieces were laser cut to the right size and shape, including all of the holes in the base plate, cover plates and mounting brackets for the cover plates, to ensure correct fit and a uniform layout.

We press formed the base plate to the required dimensions and countersunk the holes in the end plates for ¼ -20 UNC flat head bolts. We tack welded ¼ - 20 SS hex nuts to the end cover mounting plates and fit and tack welded the cover plate mounting brackets to the press formed base. After welding, we ran a tap through the nut to ensure proper clearance and fit. Finally, we installed the cover plates and cleaned and polished the final assembly.

We are told there are future requirements for larger tap systems similar to this and we look forward to working with our customer on this project.

A big thank you goes to our co-worker Brian Bruno who sent this customer our way! We love when co-workers spread the word!

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