Mark Metals improves pan fabrication

Posted by John Maillie on May 10, 2016 9:00:50 AM


Quite often, Mark Metals fabricates different sized pans from carbon and stainless steel using the press brake.  The pans have many purposes and are used in industries from food to chemical to steel mills.  The problem has been finishing off the fourth side of the pans.



Mark Metals scrapped out an old break press about eight years ago but we kept the punches and dies from the press.  We repurposed some of these pieces but cutting them into segments of varying lengths; 2’, 1’, 6”, 4”, 1”, etc.  So, if we are making a 37” pan, for example, we might put a 2’ a 1’ and a 1” together to get to that exact length of a fixture.  Then we use the fixture to form the sides of the pans.


Several positive things have come from this project.  The first is that it gives Mark Metals the ability to offer customers a full pan with four sides. Secondly we believe it will give us the ability to form other shapes, and we are experimenting with that. And lastly, because we have the segments cut to size, it save set up time on each pan order we get. 

Thank you to Eric Pannebecker who used a need and his creativity to repurpose existing unused tooling.  Ideas like this one have made our continuous improvement program very successful.

Here are some examples of some other fabrications projects accomplished by Mark Metals:

  • Fabricate stainless steel structural screens for water cooling tower.
  • Fabricate tree plates for curbing reinforcement.
  • Shear polished stainless steel and aluminum sheets.
  • Fabricate stainless steel jacketed auger assemblies.
  • Fabricate perforated rolled cylinder.