Mark Metals Supply also specializes in small fabrication projects

Posted by John Maillie on Mar 31, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Pictured here is a typical small project that Mark Metals processes routinely. Our customer is a national company that has a local facility in the Reading area.  Their business focus is primarily within the textile industry.  We were asked to duplicate a workstation enclosure from another facility that the company operates in Atlanta, GA.  

This request started with a phone call to our inside sales team after viewing our website on the internet.  A typical inquiry for Mark Metal starts with concept photos and some dimensions; it is rare that we get an actual drawing with dimensions which with to quote!  Bob Chille worked with the customer’s photos and ideas for construction and discussed with Eric Pannebecker the hours it would take to process in our shop. We submitted our quotation and received a purchase order to proceed. Bob sent the approved drawings and instructions to the shop and then ordered materials not already stocked in our warehouse.  Eric and his team made sure all that all of the items were processed through the shop. 

The end result was this mobile inspection station that supports the customers manufacturing process. Mark Metals provided a quality product and we now have a satisfied new customer who promises to keep us in mind for future projects.  

Here are some examples of some other fabrications projects accomplished by Mark Metals:

  • Fabricate stainless steel structural screens for water cooling tower.
  • Fabricate tree plates for curbing reinforcement.
  • Shear polished stainless steel and aluminum sheets.
  • Fabricate stainless steel jacketed auger assemblies.
  • Fabricate perforated rolled cylinder.