Metal Construction materials and services provided by mark metals

Posted by John Maillie on Oct 18, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Mark Metals provides quality solutions that work to many kinds of businesses for many kinds of reasons.  Those in the construction business, especially, find our warehouse of metal goods and capabilities for value add services like bending shearing and punching, a valuable resource in meeting their own customer requirements!

Just recently we expanded our regular inventory of rebar to meet customer needs.  Assessing trends and making adjustments is imperative but because we can’t stock everything, we also source and special order all the time.

A list of construction related materials we keep in stock and their common uses include:

  • Pipe: Standard  sizes 1” thru 8”; for bollards, sign posts, handrails, structural support posts
  • Rebar : Sizes  No 3 thru No  8; for  concrete reinforcement
  • Structural Bar Grating : 1” thru 2”;  for trench  drain covers and platform covers
  • Custom Tree Plate Panels: Built to your specifications for  curb and sidewalk  rebuilds or replacements
  • Wear Plate: AR 400 ¼ thru 1”; for excavation equipment repairs and reinforcement
  • Structural Standard and Wide Flange Beams: 4” thru 12”; for industrial applications, home builders, warehouse additions
  • Expanded and Grip Strut Metal panels: For construction trailer s, machine guards , window guards, steps and walkways
  • Road Plates: 1/2” thru 1”; temporary cover plates  for excavation sites
  • Hand Rail Material: Standard sizes of round bar, square tubing, bar channels, flat steel , top rail caps 
  • Plate and Sheet Steel: 16 ga thru 2” smooth and diamond; for truck body panels and floors, structural base plates, platforms
  • Angle and Channels: ½’ thru 10”; for  platform frames, structural bases, equipment panel

Customers stop by to pick up stock or fabricated pieces or take advantage of our free, fast and friendly delivery to businesses or work sites. 

Here are some examples of metal construction materials we can provide:


Custom sign posts


Structural beams and base plates


Water treatment plant instrument panels


Elevator door trim replacement covers


Custom trench drain cover


Custom timber construction fraame fasteners

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