Pickleen tank fabrication

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Jul 19, 2016 9:30:00 AM

This Pickleen tank is a good example of the contract manufacturing and industrial fabrication services at the Rose Corp.


PICKLEEN AS-10 is a unique premium blend of acid salts, activators and surfactants designed as a replacement for liquid mineral acids. It eliminates

the hazards of storage, fuming and handling problems caused by mineral acids.

PICKLEEN AS-10 removes oxides, rust, heat treat scale and welding scale thus is suitable for a variety of metal finishing applications. It provides activation without generating smut and with minimal attack on base metals. This is especially important when processing base metals where a bright, polished

finish is an advantage.

PICKLEEN AS-10 can be used to activate nickel for replating, improve chrome coverage, strip chrome, as an acid dip for copper, copper alloys and zinc die cast.

PICKLEEN AS-10 comes as a free-flowing, noncaking, low dust material that dissolves easily in water. Its powerful formulation is ideal for most any

application and with its long operating life, makes it the perfect substitute for mineral acids.

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