Posted by Elaine McDevitt on Jun 28, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Problem: We received a large order for four skids and four regenerative thermal oxidizers (which are each made in two pieces).  Because of the long distance they would be travelling (Seattle, Washington…a 5-7 day truck ride) and the poor weather conditions, our customer required us to cover the openings of the regens with plywood, instead of the usual shrink wrap to protect the refractory.

We knew the plywood requirement would take many extra labor hours and if we waited until it was time to export, we wouldn’t have a lot of manpower to spare. 


Solution: Because we anticipate building more units and regens for this specific company, we determined it would be worth the investment of time to make drawings with specific measurements. Overseeing the project with the help of Assembly and Maintenance, Emilio Guilbe made one complete set of templates so that others could help in the cutting of the materials for the other regens. 


Emilio’s rough drawings and measurements were sent over to the preproduction cell that generated professional drawings for the project for future use.    


This Kaizen was a success for several reasons.  First is that we were able to get the materials cut and prepped early so that as soon as the regens were assembled, they were prepared for exporting quickly. The first two sets of regens met important customer ship dates.  The second two sets are schedule to go out soon and it looks good that they will also be shipped on time. 

We saved money on materials because of the way the pieces were carefully nested before cutting. 

And, finally, now that we have detailed drawings of each panel, our project manager can send the plywood job out to a subcontractor to compare pricing on doing it ourselves vs. subbing it out should we be short on available resources in the future.       

Many thanks to Emilio for taking the lead on this Kaizen. Thanks also to Assembly, Maintenance, Preproduction Cell and Project Management for working together to save time, money AND meet our customer’s important requirements!

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