Rose Corporation restores sign for historic landmark

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Nov 8, 2016 7:28:07 AM

The Rose Corporations blast and paint facility recently refurbished this sign, pictured on historic Duryea Drive on Mount Penn in the city of Reading, PA.  Charles Duryea was the engineer of the first-ever working American gasoline-powered automobile and co-founder of Duryea Motor Wagon Company.

DSC_4028 (1).jpg

Charles Duryea drove each brand new automobile from City Park out to Mount Penn, where he drove the vehicle up the steep winding road to the top of summit. It was the final test for each motor vehicle manufactured by his Duryea Power Company. Every car Duryea produced in Reading had to make the drive up Mount Penn; those that failed returned to the shop for further refinement.

Here is a photo of the sign in pretty bad shape:

original state.jpg

The first step was to clean up the cast iron surface in our blast facility:

after blasting.jpg

The next step was to paint the sign green in our paint facility and then paint the yellow lettering and border:

after painting.jpg

The sign was installed at the base of Duryea Drive, here is someone from the installation crew doing some last minute touchups:


Duryea Drive is still used to this day to test automobiles in 2 annual sports car hill climb racing events. Sports car hill climbing is one of the only true forms of Road Racing left in the USA.  These races are run on Duryea Drive (a public road closed to traffic on these weekends) from City Park in Reading, PA to the top of Mt. Penn.  The racing is always against the clock and one car at a time.  The best time in your class is the winner.




Everyone at the Rose Corporation is happy to do local charitable projects like this to use our expertise to give back to our local community in Reading and Berks County.

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