Technical support for cast furnace rolls used in industrial furnaces

Posted by Tom McDevitt on Feb 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The Rose Corporation understands the need to contain costs when operating competitive operations.  As both a supplier and consumer of industrial furnace parts, we are keenly aware of price sensitivities in the market place.  We are also aware of the constant pressures to purchase materials based, in many instances, solely on price, and that sometimes buying on price brings with it unplanned impacts on production as suppliers miss delivery dates, ship sub-quality materials, and many other difficult to manage, and ultimately unsustainable, problems in the supply change.

Here at The Rose Corporation we continue to manufacture all our Drever parts to the high quality, OEM standards you expect.  In many applications, we reengineer parts to guarantee conformances with evolving demands for service life and efficiency, and we meet these demands with competitive prices, and without diminished quality for materials and service. The Rose Corporation utilizes the highest quality materials available for its Drever product line.  Moreover, our skilled machinist, welders, and assembly technicians understand the complexities of the parts they manufacture, and in many instances have firsthand experience with the service applications for the industrial furnace parts produced at The Rose Corporation.

A long-standing Drever customer recently purchased cast furnace rolls from a supplier other than The Rose Corporation.  Price was the driving factor.  We were disappointed; however continued to offer technical support.  As it played out in this instance, our customer reported problems with spotting occurring on their strip product and isolated the cause of the spotting to the furnace rolls.  Although the roll manufacturer lacked the experience to identify and resolve the problem, Drever’s service technicians isolated the problem to incorrect manufacturing procedures used in the fabrication of the rolls.  Our technicians provided a short-term solution that eliminated the problem and returned the furnace to production; however no quick, low cost repair could resolve the defect sufficiently to ensure standard service life for these rolls.  The roll manufacturer failed to honor the warranty, leaving our customer with inferior parts and the unpleasant reality that additional funds were needed to replace all furnace rolls much sooner than planned.

It can never be a good thing when a weak or incapable supply chain negatively affects production.  The down-stream impacts are many and always costly.  The Rose Corporation understands this and as the manufacturer of our Drever parts, we continually focus our efforts to prevent such disruptions from occurring.  Product knowledge and manufacturing experience allow The Rose Corporation to deliver Drever parts and service without disruption to our customer’s production capacity; an ideally sustainable condition in today’s manufacturing market places.

The Rose Corporation’s Industrial Furnace division manufactures for customers world-wide all types and configurations of industrial furnaces such as batch type reheat and forging, tip-up, roller hearth, bell, car-bottom, vacuum, electric arc, and many more for both atmosphere and non-atmosphere, batch and continuous applications.  The Rose Corporation has manufactured industrial furnaces under both our RoseTM  and DreverTM  furnace brands, as well as manufacturing customized furnaces to our customer-supplied design.  We also manufacture dissociative, atmosphere generating equipment. 


In additional to the manufacture of new furnace equipment, The Rose Corporation reconditions and modernizes customer’s existing equipment to maximize production capacity and reduce operating costs.  We offer a full line of furnace spare parts such as rolls, bearings, hi-temperature gaskets, mop curtains, glo-plugs, control systems, muffles, retorts, hearth tiles, refractory, electrode holder assemblies and sub-parts, water-cooled electric cables, roof cooling cables, alloy belts, burner radiation tubes, and much, much more.