Industrial Fabrication: Industrial Ductwork Project Sets Standard

Industrial Ductwork Fabrication

There are two primary differences that set this ductwork fabrication job apart from the typical projects manufactured at The Rose Corporation.  It was the first job for which The Rose Corporation held primary responsibility for producing detailed, manufacturing drawings from customer-supplied general arrangement drawings.

The most challenging part of this project was breaking down the many pieces and parts to be manufactured and then organizing these parts into packages of subassemblies for release to the production teams.  The Rose Corp had to build and ship product in the proper sequence as required by assembly technicians onsite at the customer’s facility. 

The second difference setting this project apart from the norm at The Rose Corporation was that this job required detailed tracking and management of considerably more pieces and parts than our usual projects.  Scott Faust, Rose Corporation Production Manager, said, “Managing and organizing so many different parts throughout the shops and onto trucks for shipment was the most challenging aspect of this ductwork project” and added that despite this challenge there were no real hiccups with the job. 

A total of 230 individual pieces of framework and ductwork were fabricated and delivered on time and within budget. The pieces were installed on-site by our Field Services Division exactly 12 weeks from the date Rose received the order. 

industrial ductwork fabrication site
industrial ductwork fabrication site2

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