Celebrating a Company Culture of Continuous Improvement

Posted by Elaine McDevitt on Feb 22, 2016 8:03:33 AM



At the Rose Corporation, we believe that: In order to grow and maintain the vitality of a company, it is necessary to not just work in the business, but to also work ON the business. That’s why the awarding and celebrating of our annual continuous improvement awards is my favorite 30 minutes of the year!

 We reached 75% of our company goal for documented Continuous Improvement ideas. 33 co-workers contributed a total of 75 ideas; only 5 those ideas are yet to be implemented. These projects totaled 207 impacts in all areas of our business including Safety, Production, Communication, Human Resources, 6-S, Quality, Accounting and Sales, making our company better and able to meet our customer requirements better.

Here are some of the continuous improvement projects implemented by our team members:


Scott Faust improved throughput by reformulating our yellow safety paint to reduce the dry time from 7 days to one day.


John Young produced one of the biggest safety impacts by fabricating this roller table to install transformers into regenerative thermal oxidizer control rooms easier and safer for assembly mechanics.


John Gauger improved throughput of our product that requires boring and turning by combining both processes from 2 separate machines into one.


Emilio Guilbe improved throughput by separating the valve and valve housing assembly process area from the skid assembly area creating more space for co-workers to work effectively.


 Mike McClendon also produced a big safety impact by fabricating extension brackets for welding curtains so they can be extended to protect co-workers when welders are working on top of large structures.


 John Kantner developed an ingenious solution to improve transportation and handling of the V-3 series outlet flange fabrication fixture.  Prior to John’s improvement project it was necessary to move this flange fixture on a pallet, and finding a pallet sufficient in size to transport the fixture was a monumental waste of time so John simply welded u-channels directly to the flange fixture; therefore allowing movement of this fixture with direct engagement on any tow-motor forks.  Doing this eliminated the time wasted  locating a pallet for transportation – a non-value add process.

Taking his improvement project one step further, John welded directly to the flange fixture a series of unistrut pieces that allow for the installation of bessey clamps in the open position and by holding the bessey clamps open in the correct position allowed the fitter to use one hand to firmly tighten down flange materials into the fixture.  Prior to John’s improvement project fitters had to position materials into the fixture and with both hands locate and tighten the bessey hold-down clamps; a sometimes impossible task as the materials being clamped moved as the bessey clamp shoe grabbed hold of the material.


 John Moyer designed and fabricated lifting brackets on welding machines to allow them to be moved within our facility by overhead cranes.


Alan Noll worked with a fastener supplier to purchase pre-kitted hardware, eliminating the need for assembly mechanics to perform a low value task.

 The most impressive thing about these projects is that these are not management ideas, these are ideas that came from within the workforce, and they are projects that co-workers implemented in addition to their regular work duties. What an awesome company culture and something I’m proud to be a part of every day!

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