On-Site Welding Services


When welding in the field, versatility is key, especially for companies that are never quite sure what projects they will encounter day-to-day. The Rose Corporation Field Services team members hold certifications in multiple processes, materials, and codes, and follow technology trends closely to ensure they are at the cutting edge to provide more cost-effective, higher-quality services.


The Rose Corporation Field Services team includes top-of-the-line professional pipefitters who have the ability and experience to fabricate and install all types of process piping systems for solids, liquids, and gases. Our fabrication team consists of knowledgeable estimators, project managers, and ASME-accredited welders. Our crews use the latest tools and equipment to safeguard the integrity of the process and utility systems. Our on-site and in-house fabrication capabilities ensure that your work will be completed on time and within budget.

The Rose Corporation has experience in:

  • Interpreting mechanical drawings
  • Utility piping systems
  • Surface preparation
  • Precision cutting, threading, grooving, bending, and welding
  • Orbital welding
  • GTAW welding
  • Finish grinding Use of specialty tools
  • Metallurgy Adherence to safety procedures and protective measures


The Rose Corporation Field Services team is well versed and understands sanitary and industrial welding standards. Whether it’s welding process piping by hand or orbital welding machine, our people have the expertise and skills to meet your job requirements. We meet and comply with FDA, USDA, 3A sanitary guidelines.

We have experience in the food, beverage, dairy, breweries, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

On-Site Welding & Pipefitting

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