Repaired AOD Vessel by The Rose Corporation

Industrial Fabrication: AOD Vessel Repair

A local specialty steel mill that makes stainless steel contracted with The Rose Corporation to repair an AOD vessel. We originally manufactured this 50,000-lb. vessel in 1998, along with two other identical vessels. After years of using the AOD Vessel under extreme heat conditions, the center of the main body bulged

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The Rose Corporation 90-Ton Kettle

Industrial Fabrication: 90-Ton Kettle

Among the large-scale steel and aluminum components regularly manufactured at the Rose Corporation are 90-Ton melting kettles used to process lead into molten lead for the battery industry. Lead batteries are used for a vast number of purposes, but all batteries provide either starting, for instance starting a car, or deep

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The Rose Corporation Ladle Repair Project

Industrial Fabrication: Ladle Refurbishment

The Rose Corporation has repaired a number of Ladles that are used to pour molten metal in large manufacturing “Steel Mills” and Foundry processes. These Ladles are prone to damage from the heat of the molten metal within them. Several of these Ladles had their Refractory Lining fail, resulting in their

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Ingersoll Planer Mill

Ingersoll Planer Mill Refurbished & Ready to Go

After nearly a year of refurbishment work, The Rose Corporation’s 120″ x 34′ Ingersoll Planer Mill is now back in service.  We recently completed a Bed Plate “Bed Plate” that was machined on the Ingersoll planer mill, fabricated, and then blasted and painted. We specialize in the industrial fabrication of custom-engineered

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