Industrial Ductwork Fabrication

Industrial Fabrication: Industrial Ductwork Project Sets Standard

An industrial ductwork fabrication project set the standard of future projects at The Rose Corporation. There are two primary differences that set this industrial ductwork fabrication job apart from the typical projects manufactured at The Rose Corporation.  It was the first job for which The Rose Corporation held primary responsibility for

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Ingersoll Planer Mill

Ingersoll Planer Mill Refurbished & Ready to Go

After nearly a year of refurbishment work, The Rose Corporation’s 120″ x 34′ Ingersoll Planer Mill is now back in service.  We recently completed a Bed Plate “Bed Plate” that was machined on the Ingersoll planer mill, fabricated, and then blasted and painted. We specialize in the industrial fabrication of custom-engineered

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Industrial Fabrication of Aluminum Dross Extractor by The Rose Corporation

Industrial Fabrication: Aluminum Dross Extractor

Recycling aluminum takes only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum from bauxite ore. Approximately 30% of the aluminum produced in the US is from recycled scrap, used beverage containers being the largest component. Dross is the mass of solid impurities floating on the molten aluminum when it is

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