Stainless Steel Wastewater Treatment Component Frames

Industrial Fabrication: Wastewater Treatment Components

The Rose Corporation in Reading, Pennsylvania has fabricated numerous components for wastewater treatment plants including Stainless Steel 304 Frames from structural steel shapes, angles, channels, bars, and pipes. Wastewater treatment is a process used to remove contaminants from wastewater or sewage and convert it into treated water that can be returned

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Repaired AOD Vessel by The Rose Corporation

Industrial Fabrication: AOD Vessel Repair

A local specialty steel mill that makes stainless steel contracted with The Rose Corporation to repair an AOD vessel. We originally manufactured this 50,000-lb. vessel in 1998, along with two other identical vessels. After years of using the AOD Vessel under extreme heat conditions, the center of the main body bulged

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Industrial Ductwork Fabrication

Industrial Fabrication: Industrial Ductwork Project Sets Standard

There are two primary differences that set this ductwork fabrication job apart from the typical projects manufactured at The Rose Corporation.  It was the first job for which The Rose Corporation held primary responsibility for producing detailed, manufacturing drawings from customer-supplied general arrangement drawings. The most challenging part of this project

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